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The first Bulgarian team to participate in the international synthetic biology competition iGEM.

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The international iGEM competition (international genetically engineered machines) allows students from all around the world to experience the endlessly amazing world of synthetical biology. The participants have the opportunity to use and experiment with the newest and most exciting technologies in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. This way they can accomplish even their wildest dreams in the area of biological engineering and propose solutions to many trending humanity problems in medicine, ecology, energetics, livelihood etc. Meanwhile, these young people get to know the not less exciting aspect of organizing teams, finding sponsorships and successfully completing high-tech projects. The grand finals in Boston only amplify the whole experience where thousands of brave and talented students from all around the globe showcase their work and celebrate their achievements.

iGEM Bulgaria aims to help in all ways possible the founding and financing of Bulgarian teams in this prestigious competition and also to present their activities in front of the society. We are certain that we Bulgarians are capable of competing equally with the best in the world of science and technologies and even overperform them. We are striving to give the young Bulgarians a chance to unfold their potential in our homeland and we hope that many of them will stay and be enterprising and active citizens, which will help in building a better Bulgaria.

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A nonprofit organization "IGEM BULGARIA"
Registered by court decision 1 from 08.04.2016 on C.C. 103/2016 of the SCC
UIC: 177012411

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First Investment Bank AD
bul. "Dragan Tsankov" №37
IBAN - BGN: BG35FINV91501216732479
IBAN - USD: BG12FINV91501216732505

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Feel free to drop us an email at any time on team@igem-bulgaria.com
or find us at:

Sofia Tech Park JSC
BioinfoTech Lab
111B Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

Mario Markov

Mario Markov

Team Captain

Boris Kirov

Boris Kirov